Trevor Frauhiger

Sergeant at Arms
I first joined Bubbles in Phucket Thailand just after the engine was blown and had to be replaced. Once the engine was changed out we then sailed down to Langkawi Malaysia. I also sailed on the final sail across the finish line in Nanny Cay BVI's. Each memory on bubbles is a special one from watching the stars, drinking beers, and telling stories with Alex late at night. To watching Alex being chased like a scene in Scooby Doo by a gang of Tuk-Tuk taxi drivers dodging lady boys in Thailand. My Bubbles name was Trev-Dude but I also reported in as Sergeant at Arms. I was also known for being Alex Facebook Fiance for over 6 years and the entire time he was sailing on Bubbles. This caused many new sailors some confusion and is source of my other great stories.