Sheila Cabell

I met Alex in Colon, Panama.. from there we sailed through the San Blas islands, a beautiful archipelago with 365 islands inhabited by a primitive tribe of people called the Kuna Linga ... Almost all islands had no electricity.. and this group of people are second smallest in size to the Pygmies. Needless to say they embraced his and my spirits and each day was a new adventure. Too many stories to tell really. We landed in Cartagena, Colombia after a few weeks .. then explored Columbia. Featured is a photo of us at carnival in Barranquilla, Columbia... after that we sailed right back through the San Blas and I assisted in the Panama canal crossing... Every moment spent with him were the best memories of my life.. I'll never forget you Alex and you will always be missed. The best bonus is that in 2010 he introduced me to the man who would later become my husband and father of two beautiful boys.. he was able to meet our first born son in Chicago.. love you always and forever.. xx