Ryan Donaghy

I was privileged to have taken my maiden voyage with Bubbles and Piggy (the captain) in Thailand through to Malaysia. *As I sit here writing this in another airport terminal, probably the 20th one this month, I look back at the very reason my life has been so filled with adventure this last 15 years... And it stemmed from a great man that moment we first met in Sydney all those moons ago. You see Bubbles isn't just a boat... If it was it would be just be like any other wooden structure on the sea. Bubbles was the very soul that brought, what can only be described as an eternal family together, and at heart of bubbles was Alex, not only the great captain, but also the inspiration that many of us needed to find a better purpose in life, a more fulfilling adventure in the short time we have on this earth, we were the blood that Kept Bubbles alive. We were not a perfect family, we were dysfunctional at best... But that was the beauty of it. Bubbles was a wreck most of the time... In fact in Thailand I didn't even get out to see for 2 weeks as we waited for a new motor to come from the US.... But we all saw the grandeur that it bestowed... If you wiped away the layers of oil, piss and general grime! But the good times had on land, with Piggy crippled and in a wheelchair, was more than enough to make up for it. *When we did get to sea... There was only one way to describe it... Calm.... And let me tell you, the sea was far from calm! But what it did for me sitting at the back of that boat, beer in hand and the huge mass of water beneath, was take a weight off my shoulders and bring me real clarity... Simple and pure serenity. *There were a few blips along the way.... And I'll never forget, the little Thai man who lived in a cave, on a remote rock in the middle of the ocean... His role... To protect the bird nests for the gangsters to sell later. And his unbelievable pride for his pierced dick... Covered in little metal balls! Weirdest thing I've seen to date! *Alex kindly gave him a couple of bottles of rum and a bunch of candles... As he sat there super happy as we sailed away... He probably did not realise his peril, a litre of rum later sitting on top of his match stick pontoon, with no possible way of climbing back up if he fell into the sea! Ok for those that know me... .. Reading the above, you're probably thinking... Shut the hell up Irish... Tell us the real stories! I'm typically the drunken Irish buffoon that does nothing but add some embellished tales as my contribution... So put it this way... Let's keep the memory of bubbles and our captain Alex beautiful... And when it comes time to make the Hollywood blockbuster... Then I promise you the Real stories will come out... Although I'll probably only incriminate myself!!