Anders Sverdvik

After missing out on all of the sailing adventures . I decided to surprise Alex and show up to bring Bubbles to the finish line in Nanny Cay BVI`s. Arriving on Goast ship (another sail boat) and wearing a Chinese wrestling mask so he would not recognize me. Alex fired a flare gun at us just half a foot above my head and that’s how the festivities started. I have a hard time describing the shear joy of these 2 weeks so I`ll leave it there. While he was sailing I had just missed Alex on a euro trip, but we meet up again later to run with the bulls in Pamplona and he graced me with a visit to Norway before we went to Berlin for the unbelievable bachelor party to give Dave away. He`s story is still to great to believe. One of the first times I meet Alex at university in Australia, he said “Anders I`m going to hike across the Australian desert today” “ You want to come?”…. I thought he was joking but next things I knew his was already gone hiking. Nothing could stop him, he grabbed every chance life gave him to make the most of every moment, place and experience . Which he shared it with as many people along the way as possible. His passion, love, warmth, friendship, intelligence, charm and charisma in bucket loads made him the one in a billion friend I was lucky enough to have.