06 May 2010

We picked up anchor and headed for Tahuata where there is supposed to be a great beach. We pulled in just after 3am and then woke up early to check out the island. The town had a nice looking church and a shop with ice cream…but without any money, we had to pass. Before we left the island, we started talking to a local guy and he ended up climbing up in a tree and grabbing us some breadfruit…which we hadn’t had on the boat yet.

We picked up anchor and headed around to the beach anchorage. It supposedly the nicest beach in the marquesas and there is only one little hut in the bay. I jumped in and swam to shore to check it out. There was a big mango tree on the beach and the shade looked great, so I laid down and took a 2 hour nap. I swam back to the boat and after a few small projects, we headed in to find some wild limes that we had been told about. In five minutes, we had found the trees and had a bag full of little limes. That night, we got invited over for some drinks by the mountain guides from Revelstoke, BC. It was nice to stretch out on a bit catamaran and we ended up getting a few tips about sailmail that we think should help us connect.

The next morning we picked up anchor early and headed for Hiva Oa to finally officially check in. In the channel between Tahuata and Hiva Oa we hooked a huge wahoo or billfish. We turned the boat around and after around 15 minutes, we had it right up next to the dinghy. It looked dead tired, but a few last head thrashes and it cut through our 80 lb monofilament leader. It was at least a 5 foot long fish and we were pretty bummed that we didn’t land it, but the good news is that we’ll be able to buy some strong leaders in Hiva Oa.

We also were able to send out emails, so we may have solved the modem issues.

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