Marquesas – Day 18 – Closer (a bit)


27 April 2010 | Pacific Ocean

Diego spotted another booby today, which is a good sign that we’re getting close to land. It circled our boat for quite awhile and looked like it wanted to take a rest on the mast. It kept coming in with landing on its mind, but each time aborted at the last second. Absolutely no bites on our fishing lures. There are people that make this crossing and have to pull in their lines because they are catching too many fish. We’re not having that problem, at all. I guess fishing out here is like fishing anywhere sometimes the fish just don’t want to bite. You could put out every bait in your tackle box (which we’ve done) and not even get a nibble. Other days, you don’t even care to catch one and every cast you get one. That’s fishing. Once we get inside the islands, we’re pretty confident that we’ll be able to start bringing them in. Only covered 138 miles towards Fatu Hiva today (the furthest east island in the Marquesas). The wind is slowing down and it’s also more easterly than we’d hoped, forcing us to sail almost completely downwind. We’re all getting antsy to get there and still hoping to see land by Wednesday. It’s almost a full moon, so there is a pretty good chance that we’ll see land in the moonlight. The wind is supposed to lighten up and keep clocking to the east and north. We’ll most likely have to alter our plan of attack depending on how substantial the change in the wind is.

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