Marquesas – Day 17 – Countdown begins


26 April 2010 | Pacific Ocean

We finally had some visitors after about a week break. There were around 25 dolphins that were swimming with us for around an hour. I guess we were pretty spoiled with the 100 or so dolphins that visited us near the beginning of the trip. I’m not really sure what they are doing, but it seems like they are just playing around the boat. They race from one side to the other and occasionally jump out of the water. I whipped two dead flying fish in the water in front of two of the dolphins and all it seemed to do was scare them away they must not be all that hungry. One of the big differences being out here compared to the Panama to Galapagos trip is that we really haven’t seen any trash in the water. Since the wind is out of the southwest and there is really nothing southeast of us, I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. We’ve probably only seen one or two other pieces of trash the entire time. Between Panama and the Galapagos, we were seeing trash a few times per day and not just a piece or two but like someone dumped bags right in front of us. It’s probably due to the current out here and there is supposedly a huge area in the pacific where all of the trash is accumulating (it’s actually pretty interesting google it). Anyway, it’s been nice to not see trash every day. Alex and Diego fixed one of the compasses that had a leak hopefully it’s now water tight. We’re still working on our French. Originally, it seemed like the CDs we had were strictly for how to pick up a French woman which was pretty funny. We learned how to invite someone for drinks of either beer or wine (only options we learned) and if they’d like to have dinner at my place or yours this evening or now pretty forward, but I guess you need to start somewhere. The lessons have now moved into something that might help us with directions and working with the officials. 143 miles covered today. This distance is a little misleading because it looks like we are moving slower, but that distance is actually the distance to our destination that we’ve covered. Due to the wind direction, we had to adjust our course a bit. We were still moving along well, but not directly towards our destination which is part of sailing and we’ve just been lucky that the wind we have had has allowed us to take such a direct course thus far. The wind is predicted to slow down a bit, but we’re still hoping to see land by Wednesday evening.

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