Marquesas – Day 16 – Home stretch


24 April 2010 | Pacific Ocean

Prior to the official distance readout for the day, we all took a guess at how far we had traveled. I guessed 155, then Diego pulled a “Price Is Right” move and guessed 156, and Alex did it to him and went for 157. It turns out we made 156 pretty good guesses, but I guess we’ve been out here for two weeks and we have a feel for how far we’re going. Something that I found pretty crazy about our current location is that we just now traveled west of California. It seemed to me like after this far, we’d be more like south of Hawaii, but that’s much further west. Panama is actually quite a ways further east than I thought and so are the Galapagos. Keeping track of the time is pretty interesting for every 15 degrees that we go west, we gain an hour. Not that the exact time is all that important to us right now, but something that I hadn’t ever considered. We keep our clocks on what is called Zulu time (Greenwich Mean Time). By doing this, it’s easier to arrange a time to talk on the radio with other boats, rather than trying to figure out what time zone it is for each boat. For dinner, we had mashed potatoes, polish sausage, and green beans one of my favorites and it was awesome. In an attempt to use every last bit of bananas, Alex converted the cookies into banana bars. We’re so close to getting rid of those things. We’ve finally made it out of the expanse of the Pacific Ocean on our GPS and are now within the electronic charts which means we know the depth (there aren’t charts for the middle of the ocean). We have a few days of downwind sailing and are hoping to see land on Wednesday.

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