Marquesas – Day 15 – Gorillas on board?


24 April 2010 | Pacific Ocean

A few days ago we were sitting in the salon listening to our “French for Beginner’s” CDs. We were at the point of our French education in which they were teaching us to say “Where?” which sounds something like “Ooo!” or maybe “Eau!” kind of like the sound a gorilla would make. So I’m sitting there on one side of the mast with my legs bracing myself against the waves pulling on the sorry excuse a beard that I’ve grown. Alex is on the other side of the mast, slumped over peeling and eating a banana with a whole shuck of bananas on the floor next to him. As the voice on the CD repeated “Eau”, there we were, two hairy dudes, unshaven for a few months, doing our best to impersonate the voice on the CD with loud “OOOs”. It didn’t take much to see the connection to a bunch of big old gorillas sitting around munchin on some bananas grunting about God knows what. We certainly had been eating enough bananas, and the way we move around the top of the boat with our hands on the deck for extra grip isn’t far from the way an ape would move. Even the way we swing from handle to handle in the cabin as the boat rocks resembles a monkey swinging through the trees. Alex probably is the furthest along in the evolution (devolution?) – best beard, hairiest, most bananas consumed Diego and I have pretty much quit eating bananas while Alex is still ripping through them and making banana bread. We mashed up the last of the bananas which means that the smell of ripening bananas that we’ve lived with for 2 months is finally gone. Thank God. I never thought I’d pass on a piece of banana bread, but it’s gotten to that point. We played some cards to determine the cooking and cleaning responsibilities for dinner. Diego taught us a few Ecuadorian games, and eventually beat us in Golf to win the right to sit and watch as our naan pizzas were made and the kitchen was cleaned. We covered 149 miles today. We’re trying to cover 150 miles a day which would put us there in 5 days. After two weeks at sea, 5 days seems like nothing. Probably like saying “this evening” back on land. We found a good sail configuration for sailing downwind and it was much more comfortable than the broad reach we had been using.

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