Marquesas – Day 12 – Chuggin along


21 April 2010 | Pacific Ocean

Day 12 – Chuggin along We got an email from some sailors on another boat that we met in Isabela. It’s a couple from the US that are actually sailing a sister ship of bubbles, Sidewinder the second sister ship (same boat as bubbles) that we’ve seen which is crazy considering there were only 30 made 30 years ago. The sailors on these other Fast Passages have both had their respective boats for over 5 years, so they’ve got a lot of insight to offer whenever we have any questions. Unfortunately, Sidewinder had a refrigerator leak and had to turn back to get it fixed in the Galapagos. We also sent out a few emails to other boats that are making the crossing right now to check if they are having better luck fishing. It turns out that we are actually doing great. Most of the other boats have only boated a fish or two and they were small. We’ve had bites and should have boated 5 by now. We’ve also had the dolphin and whale visits which they haven’t had. One thing they did recommend was throwing out a plug a long way behind the boat to try for a tuna. I brought along 3 plugs (rapala type lures) and I put one out. I grabbed a book and sat down next to the rod. As usual, I was asleep about 10 minutes into reading. I was woken by the line ripping out of the rod and jumped up to grab the rod to begin the fight. The drag was set nearly as tight as it can be, but this must have been a huge fish because the line was really coming out even in comparison to the big fish that we’ve had on. Before I could stop it’s run, whatever it was snapped the line. It’s ironic because we always have two baits out one smaller bait on the rod and usually a larger bait on the 500lb hand line. We’ve hooked the smallest fish on the hand line and all of our big fish have hit the rod setup. We’ve got a bungee cord on the hand line, so if anything gigantic hits, we will have a much better chance of boating it and tiring it out. Now we just need to hook something on the big line. I saw a flock of 10 birds in the afternoon. We seem to see some everyday and I had thought that there would be an area out here that would be so far from land we wouldn’t see any, but I guess I was wrong. We cooked up some curry and naan for dinner that was surprisingly good. Nice to taste another flavor we’ve pretty much been putting complete seasoning in everything up to this point. We covered 151 miles the predictions for the wind to clock to the south didn’t materialize, so we were sailing a bit more downwind. It’s predicted to speed up and turn to the south for the next day or two, so hopefully it does and we have some bigger days.

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