Marquesas – Day 8 – Records


17 April 2010 | Pacific Ocean

In the past 24 hours, we shattered our previous distance record. With winds gusting to nearly 20 knots, we covered 174 nm. That’s 17 more than our previous record. We’re sailing with a double reefed main and the 135 genoa. By reefing the main, we’re making it smaller and catching less wind. You’d think that we’d want to catch as much wind as possible to go faster, but that’s not always true. Catching more wind on the main sail will make the boat heel or lean over more. You want a bit of heel, but at some point you start heeling too much and it’s counterproductive (not to mention how difficult it makes getting around the boat). So with the current sail setup, we’re moving at nearly the hull speed of the boat (which is the maximum speed that the boat shape and design allows) and we’ve got the current in our favor not much more a sailor could ask for. We broke another record today and that was for the largest fish landed on bubbles. Just before lunch, we hooked something on the rod and reel setup that we had out. I was reading in the cockpit at the time and was able to stop the initial run before we ran out of line. I saw it jumped and was excited because we finally had the tuna on that I’d been craving, and it looked big. A good fight and 15 minutes later, we realized it was another mahi mahi, but still a big one. We made sure not to lose this one and wrestled it into the boat. A little bit of alcohol in the gills and it was immediately dead it’s insane how quickly that works and it’s much cleaner than the alternative of a club (Alex can attest to that after many bloodbaths on his last trip). I spent the next hour picking every last bit of edible meat off the 3ft plus fish. For dinner, we cooked up enough big fat fillets for 3 hungry guys and didn’t even use half of it, so we’ll be eating mahi mahi for the next few meals. A ton of bananas were on their last leg (and some probably past that point), so Alex and Diego dove in and baked up 6 loaves of banana bread (record). I love banana bread, but this is one record that I’m hoping we don’t break on this trip. The wind is predicted to keep up. Maybe we’ll be able to set another record tomorrow.

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