Galapagos Islands


29 March 2010 | Galapagos Islands

We’ve been really caught up in everything that´s going on in the Galapagos to update the blog. We arrived on the island of San Cristobal and have been in and out of the water checking everything out. We’ve seen sea lions, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, birds, rays, lizards, marine iguanas, etc., but rather than try to explain them all, we’ll post some pictures soon. Our boat is anchored around 100 yards from the most well known surf spot in the Galapagos which is famous destination for surfers.

Unfortunately, we arrived just days after a great north swell came in…depending on the direction of the waves, different points on the island produce waves, so surfers are constantly checking weather on the internet to hit the best tide and swell for the breaks. We´re close enough to just jump on the boards and paddle over, although I freaked out a few times on the way over when sea lions shot under me or when a sea turtle would pop up right next to me.

We also did some snorkeling and were surprised at how little the sea turtles minded you getting close to them. At one point, I looked around and had 8 sea turtles right around me…it´s incredible since they are actually pretty good sized. After 3 days on San Cristobal, we took an early ferry to Santa Cruz which is the most populated city in the islands and contains the Darwin research lab.We saw the giant land tortoises that the islands are famous for, saw and also checked out some lava caves.

We´ll be here for a few more days before heading back to San Cristobal to go on a shark dive and hit up a few more surfing spots. Check out the pictures in the gallery. Internet connections are pretty slow, but hopefully we can get some uploaded soon.


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