Galapagos – Day 5


22 March 2010 | Pacific Ocean

We’re still in the duldrums and spent the majority of the past 24 hours motoring with the swell and a bit of wind on our nose. With all the motoring, it was time to try to refill the tanks not an easy task while at sea. The diesel input is right at the tip of the bow which is the rockiest part of the boat. Alex decided we needed to siphon from the diesel jerry can into the boat, but he could only find about an 18 inch tube. He got a huge gulp of diesel and was burping diesel after we finished, but surprisingly made the siphon work on the first try. Around 2, I heard a huge engine noise and thought our engine was going to explode. I then looked over my shoulder and saw what looked like some type of military plane a few hundred feet above our boat we have no idea what that was about. It was really sunny and hot the entire day, so before sunset, we decided to kill the motor jump in. It also gave us a chance to let the engine cool off to do a few checks. We all jumped in and Alex thought he got stung by a little jellyfish which isn’t really that uncommon. I thought I felt one too, but thought it might have been a sunburn or something. Alex grabbed some goggles and jumped in to take a look at the bottom of the boat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get in the boat that quickly. He ripped his mask off and told me to jump in and take a look. I thought there might be a few jellyfish and thought they might be neat to see, so I put on the mask and jumped in. As soon as the bubbles cleared, all I could see were marble sized jellyfish. There must have been either a huge spawn or some type of migration going on because they were everywhere. Panu jumped in for about a second just to take a look. The stings aren’t that painful, but since our boat was surrounded we decided it’d be best to stay out. Right after sundown, Alex got on the boat count scoreboard spotting a sailboat light just west of us. Earlier in the afternoon, we called on the radio and actually got an answer, so it was probably this boat that he spotted…our first company in around 3 days. Other than that boat, it’s been pretty quiet. Somehow there are still birds out here and this morning there was like a territorial fight between this seagull looking bird and something that looks like a terydactal and a blue heron cross. They must be fishing so there must be fish out here, but we’ve had no luck since the big mahi mahi. I did a bit of reading about open water fishing and apparently squid are the best live bait to use too bad we threw out what we had left. We only covered 90 miles today and the forecast looks like we’ll be motoring for at least another day.

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