Galapagos – Day 3


20 March 2010 | Pacific Ocean

Since the wind died down and we were motoring with small waves at our back and it was Friday night, we decided to get crazy and have a pizza party. It took us awhile and we had to take a second try with the sauce, but in the end the carrot, red pepper, garlic, onion, mozzarella, and pepperoni concoction tasted pretty good. We motored the entire night. One thing that is amazing about sailing at night is the phosphorescence in the water. There is a type of algae that glows when it is disturbed. The past two nights have been nearly pitch black once the moon disappears, so it’s perfect for seeing the phosphorescence. There is a huge trail behind you that the prop is creating with a big V from the wake of the boat. It’s kind of a bright green glow and it’s almost as if huge chucks of glitter are being dropped in the water. As you can imagine, the stars are brighter than anywhere I’ve seen. With the phosphorescence in the water and the stars in the sky, you’re almost completely surrounded with little sparkles of light. In the morning, I spotted a freighter under the name ‘Dole California’ which earned me a candy bar for the first ship spotted. I hailed the ship on the radio, and actually got a response. Typically, tankers and freighters won’t respond, but this one did and he let me know that the weather towards the Galapagos for the next few days looked good. He was headed from Ecuador to san diego and said that he had ran into some strong weather just off the coast of Ecuador, but nothing since. With calm weather, we emptied the leaky diesel cans and worked on some other projects that required calm seas. We are only motoring at around 4 knots which is a few knots slower than what we had been averaging, but it’s better than wind on our nose. We only covered 110 nm today less than the previous two days, but still great.

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