Setting sails


18 March 2010 | Panama City

On Wednesday, we woke up and cleaned from the going away party that we had the night before with some of our buddies in the anchorage and a group of Panamanians that we met. It’s incredible how fast the boat can go from super clean and organized to something resembling the streets of New Orleans post Mardi Gras and back to clean sailing vessel. Panu and I made a final run into town to pick up a few items we had forgotten. I took my first swing at making bread on the boat which we were told by many seasoned sailors is something you need to know how to do. Prior to leaving Rice Lake, I had my mom jot down her easiest bread recipe and run me through the steps of making it. Although the entire boat highly doubted that anything edible would come from the dough I mixed together, it turned out awesome (even the Panamanian girls we had over were into it) and we decided to buy 3 more bread pans to save on gas. Panu picked up a guitar and we grabbed our last ice cream before getting everything loaded into the boat. We had our buddy alex the diesel mechanic on for one final check and then dropped him at his dinghy. We left the anchorage and started heading south at 3:30. We got honked at twice by the loudest horns you can imagine, but made it safely through the shipping lanes which the tankers use these boats are like 300 ft long and can really move. Although we have the right of way as a sailboat, they aren’t very agile at all, so it’s up to the sailboats to move.

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