17 March 2010 | Panama City

Since panama city is the last good port for provisioning until Tahiti or further, we had to buy all of our food for the next 3 months. It’s not easy to try to estimate how much of different types of things to buy. I did my best to talk to other people, but everyone has their opinions, so we just decided to wing it. We avoided completely buying like the 25 and 27 year old guys we are, but still ended up with what I thought was a pretty good supply although we do have like enough crushed red pepper flakes and ramen noodles to last us a year. We got back at low tide so we had to carry probably twenty heavy load up and down the walkway when it was at it’s steepest pitch. We finally had everything unloaded and packed around 1am.

On Monday, morning Panu and I went to the fresh produce market where supposedly all the restaurant in Panama city go to buy fresh foods. It was a gigantic place with nearly every fruit and vegetable you can think of and a ton I had never seen. You can taste for free and everything is ridiculously cheap. We met a little old guy named Jaime who had a dolly and he followed us around the 2 hours we were there, hauling our produce for a few bucks. At every stand we bought from, he’d grab the item and either squeeze it, knock it, or spank it and eventually he’d make a choice on the best quality fruit for us, taking into account we wanted fruit that would be ripe for as long as possible.

The boat is packed with huge gear nets filled with fresh fruits and veggies. The pineapples and bananas hangin from the mast look cool. I’ve got a net full of cucumbers, peppers, and ginger swinging above my bed…the boat is packed. We’re provisioned and ready to push off.

We had some people over for a farewell party and are hoping to set sail for the Galapagos today. The weather looks great and everyone who was working on the boat thinks it’s ready.

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