13 March 2010 | Taboga, Panama

I decided to take a quick trip to a nearby island while we were having friends over to fix the engine and auto helm. I sailed with some new friends, Alex from the boat Reflections and Flo and Nina from Flina, over to Taboga and we did some spearfishing (bad visibility, but I took a shot with the new speargun and hit the fish but it shook the spear off). Spearfishing is awesome…if you haven’t had the chance to try, go for it. We had a great dinner in the only town on the island. In the morning, I was a bit late for the ferry back to panama city so on the way over I had to dive off the boat and climb onto the ferry dock to catch it, but thankfully I made it and gave the locals a little laugh. Great day and it made me look forward to the Galapagos and the marquesas.

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