Minneapolis to Panama City

Ross Gerber

20 February 2010 | MPLS, Miami, P City

Hassan was right on schedule and got me to the airport on time. I had him right a letter in Somali that stated the people on the vessel were friends of Somalia and had many somali friends in Minneapolis. I’m not naive enough to think this would actually deter pirates if the boat is ever around Somali and is approached…but what the heck, it can’t hurt. My bag was about 10 pounds overweight, but I had another dufflebag for a backup that I threw somethings in to get me under the weight. I crossed my fingers that nothing important would get wrecked. I had an eventless flight to Miami, and then sat next to a guy who was a professional puppet on string-er on high end cruise ships…guaranteed I’ll never meet another guy who does that. I took full advantage of my first class seat, and had a great time. I arrived in Panama around three and all my bags made it fine. I jumped in a cab and crashed at the hotel for a few hours. I was planning on checking out a few bars, but quickly found out that since Carneval ended on Tuesday, there wasn’t a Panamanian in the city with a penny left to their name, so it was going to be a quite night in Panama City. I was bored so decided to take a shot. I jumped in a cab and headed down to Calle Uruguayo. Nearly every place was empty, but I found a little place to grab a drink where I absolutely butchered the spanish language attempting to talk to people. I met a few cool Norwegians and right before I was ready to leave, Jeremy Shockey walked in. He’s a gigantic dude and his tattoos are sweet, and it turns out a cool guy. We talked for a bit, but it was late so I headed back to the hotel.

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